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segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

Men do not understand the Middle East and World Peace is something that seems to be getting farther away that piece of the planet.
On second thought, since the World is World is difficultcoexistence of peoples in the region and looks that we're not just talking about Arabs and Jews do not.
There when it comes to Africa, Asia and parts of Europe is visibleintolerance of people with other ethnicities or religions.
Barack Obama will fail to meet the promise to bring back homethousands of American soldiers who kill and die every day in Afghanistan and Iraq that can now be made known in history as thegreatest American fiascos of all time.
Why is it so hard to say that we do not want to play it?
We will not mistreat our neighbors or we accept the differences?
Just to remember was that piece of the world that Jesus waspersecuted, crucified and killed.