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sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

Mayor Paul Garcia and Mr Misael de Oliveira inspected works in the sector Pedro Ludovico.

Mayor Paul Garcia and Mr Misael de Oliveira inspected on the morning of Saturday, the refurbishing work on the Ring Boulevard, Sector Pedro Ludovico, which began last Friday (7) and is expected to be completed within 45 days.
The purpose of the revitalization of the track is to improve the flow of vehicles in Sector Pedro Ludovico that at peak times come to be chaotic. Traffic on the Ring Boulevard will also undergo changes.
Two bearings will be replaced by traffic lights. One at the intersection of Circular Avenue with 4th radial, and another that is at the end of Avenue T-63.
As president of the Municipal Transit Agency, Michael James, the neuralgic points are considered in the early morning and late afternoon.
 Mayor Paul Garcia and Mr Misael de Oliveira walked the stretch that is being revitalized in the company of Councillor Gomes Santana, the Alternates of Magellan and Councilman Paul Rael D'Abadia, the President of Comurg, Luciano Henrique de Castro, President of the Association Improvement Pro Carlos Café, and other leaders of the neighborhood.
The Ring Boulevard has 750 meters long and is considered the main sector Pedro Ludovico. The works involve the Agency Municipal Building, Municipal Transit Agency and Comurg, who will be responsible for landscaping the site.
As president of the Comurg, Luciano de Castro, the median, the avenue will be built a hiking trail with permeable ground.
 The revitalization plan also includes special drawdown of sidewalks for wheelchair users, emerald grass planting, and installation of new benches and trash cans. Does the project, though, modern lighting with the installation of ornamental poles, two lamps in each and planting of trees and ornamental plants.